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Hydrosols / Hydrolats / Distillate Waters

A hydrosol is the pure, distillate water that is carefully collected after aromatic plant material is hydro or steam distilled. Hydrosols have the appearance and consistency of water and primarily contain the water-soluble aromatic compounds present within the distilled botanical.

Hydrosols are highly beneficial for inclusion in toners, creams, lotions, body sprays, room sprays and in place of water in most formulations. They will impart both their natural aroma and their beneficial properties into to your products. Hydrosols are also wonderful when used as wetting agents in clay facials. Hydrosols are also generally much safer than essential oils in formulations intended for babies.

Praan Naturals specializes in sourcing fresh, pure hydrosols from reputable distillers. Our hydrosols are carefully packaged and stored to protect these highly beneficial distillate waters.