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Praan Naturals is devoted to ethical sourcing and sustainability

Natural Sourcing, LLC and its trademarked brands, Praan Naturals and From Nature With Love, are committed towards ensuring long-term sustainability. The company is staffed by a dedicated team that upholds environmentally-friendly corporate standards, effectively reducing its environmental footprint while promoting ethical business practices.

Since its inception, Natural Sourcing has been on the forefront of the green movement. The company has developed a proprietary Qualification Processing System that enables the company to ensure that its suppliers maintain the highest environmental and ethical practices through proactive monitoring and validation.

Natural Sourcing's rigorous Qualification Processing Standards are paramount in ensuring fair trade and payment to its vendors, including small farmers, worldwide. Its standards also ensure that best practices are followed for farming, harvesting and production.

Internally, Natural Sourcing prides itself on its green initiatives that include the following:

  • Installation and use of solar panels that provide up to 110% clean energy to the company's 50,000 square foot corporate headquarters. Power production is monitored, and excess power production is fed back to the grid. The system reports the number of trees saved and the CO2 emissions that have been avoided.
  • Use of eco-friendly LED lights to illuminate all indoor and exterior areas of our facility.
  • Initiation of recycling programs for cardboard, glass, spent oil and oil drums.
  • Use of UPS Carbon Neutral for all UPS shipments.

Natural Sourcing has obtained its organic certification through CCOF.

As a forward-thinking corporation, Natural Sourcing actively continues to focus upon expanding its sustainable initiatives for ethically procuring superior quality, fair trade natural ingredients. Natural Sourcing does not perform testing on animals nor does the company purchase natural ingredients from companies that test on animals.

The company will continue its stringent qualification process for all vendors and suppliers, emphasizing its procurement requirements relating to environmental, social and animal responsibility.

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