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Anáil Moon Devī

Praan Naturals is a trademarked brand of Natural Sourcing, LLC. As the Chief Executive Officer of Natural Sourcing, Anáil Moon Devī is responsible for long-term strategy, managing day-to-day business and overseeing new ventures.

Anáil also serves as the company’s resident expert on Ayurvedic and botanical beauty traditions from various cultures. Within this role, she provides invaluable insight into harnessing the power and potency of natural ingredients, as well as Ayurvedic practices and therapies. She has a keen interest in the medicinal and culinary uses of exotic botanicals.

Under Anáil's guidance, Natural Sourcing and its trademarked brands Praan Naturals has grown from a start-up brand to a key supplier of over 500 organic and conventional natural ingredients for personal care manufacturers. Today, the company is a preferred vendor to many of the beauty and personal care industry’s most recognizable prestige, masstige and mass market brands.

In 2005, Anáil co-founded Natural Sourcing with Chief Operations Officer Jay Basu specifically to serve the unique and special bulk needs of its then-parent company From Nature With Love's largest customers, offering enhanced efficiency and superior customer service. After a formal re-organization, Praan Naturals and From Nature With Love both operate as trademarked brands under Natural Sourcing, LLC.

Anáil possesses an extensive background in homeopathy and Ayurvedic therapy, with a specific interest in the use of natural ingredients for skin and hair care. This interest was developed while treating her daughter’s eczema, when she realized that natural butters and oils were more effective than harmful over-the-counter moisturizers and prescription medications.

As an extension of her passion for natural health and personal care, Anáil has studied classical homeopathy, nutrition and is a certified Matrix Energetics practitioner. She continually seeks all that cleanses and nourishes the mind, body and spirit, and shares her knowledge with those around her.

A graduate of New York University (’91), she began studying for her Masters at the University of Georgia before starting a family with her husband, Jay. Anáil and Jay co- founded From Nature With Love in 1997, with the goal of supplying natural ingredients to professional and smaller scale personal care manufacturers. The venture was an immediate success, quickly establishing Anáil as a valuable industry resource for her thorough and unique insight into utilizing botanically-derived ingredients within both traditional and modern-day skin care product formulation.

Anáil resides with her husband and children in Newtown, Connecticut. Her life is influenced by the philosophy of Non-Duality. As a practitioner of homeopathy and energy medicine, she also works with clients to facilitate self- awareness and ultimately to heal and transform the beliefs and patterns that limit their lives.

"True health can only be achieved when body, mind and spirit are nourished with the pure, natural elements of the Earth." - Anáil Moon Devī, CEO and Co-Founder, Natural Sourcing, LLC

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