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Jay Basu

Praan Naturals is a trademarked brand of Natural Sourcing, LLC. As the President of Natural Sourcing, LLC., Jay oversees domestic and international relationship management for the company's extensive network of suppliers, manufacturers and vendors. Additionally, he is responsible for all aspects of supply chain management and supervises all day-to-day customer and vendor interactions through Natural Sourcing's extensive distributor, sales and customer service channels.

Since co-founding the company alongside Chief Executive Officer AnŠil Moon Devī in 2005, Jay has played a key role in growing Natural Sourcing from a start-up brand to its current exalted position as a preferred vendor to many of the industry's most recognizable brands.

Previously, Jay and AnŠil co-founded From Nature With Love in 1997, with the goal of supplying natural ingredients to professional and smaller scale personal care manufacturers. Natural Sourcing was created specifically to serve the unique and special bulk needs of its then-parent company From Nature With Love's largest customers, offering enhanced efficiency and superior customer service. After a formal corporate re-organization, Praan Naturals and From Nature With Love now operate as registered trademarks under Natural Sourcing, LLC.

Prior to Natural Sourcing and From Nature With Love, Jay developed an extensive entrepreneurial background in product distribution and manufacturing industries. He holds a doctorate (ABD) and master's degree from Fordham University, a master's degree from the University of Calcutta and a bachelor's degree from Scottish Church College.

Jay resides with his wife and children in Newtown, Connecticut. His life is influenced by the philosophy of Non-Duality.

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