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Poppy Seed Oil

Praan Naturals Poppy Seed Oil is pressed from the tiny seeds of Papaver somniferum, an annual belonging to the Papaveraceae plant family. This species of Poppy is most commonly known as the Opium or Breadseed Poppy. Native to Turkey, it is adored for its beautiful flowers and for its nutritious and flavorful seeds that are used in a wide array of culinary and wellness applications. This intriguing species is also well known for the pods of some cultivars that contain significant quantities of opium latex, a white milky substance that seeps out of the exterior of the pods when scored or cut.

After production, Praan Naturals Poppy Seed Oil is carefully filtered, packaged and stored to maintain the purity, freshness and beneficial properties of this highly nutritive oil.

Ethical and Sustainable Sourcing:

Poppy Seed Oil is a conscientious alternative to vegetable oils derived from plant species that are threatened or endangered.

Poppy Seeds harvested from Papaver somniferum are classified as a stable species of least concern by The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species (International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources).


Praan Naturals Poppy Seed Oil is a translucent yellow oil with a light texture and desirable feel. It is abundant in Linoleic Acid, a polyunsaturated omega-6 essential fatty acid. It absorbs quickly and demonstrates a remarkable ability to moisturize, support and protect the skin and hair. Its light texture, quick absorption and light odor complement the finest specialty cosmetic and beauty products.


  • Translucent Yellow Hue
  • Mild Characteristic Aroma
  • Medium Viscosity
  • Rapid Absorption
  • Primarily Polyunsaturated in Composition
  • Comprised of Approximately 75% Omega-6 Essential Fatty Acids as C18:2 Linoleic Acid
  • See Spec Sheet for Fatty Acid Composition

Poppy Seed Oil is Well Suited for the Following Personal Care Applications:

  • Skin Care
  • Hair Care
  • Nail Care
  • Cosmetics
  • Aromatherapy

Recommended Usage:


Poppy Seed Oil

INCI Nomenclature:

Papaver Somniferum (Poppy) Seed Oil

Shelf Life:

1 Year



Extraction Method:

Expeller Pressed

Processing Method:


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