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Ethically Sourced Natural Bulk Ingredients for Beauty, Personal Care and Wellness Applications

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Premium Quality Natural Bulk Ingredients for
Cosmetic, Beauty and Personal Care Product Formulation

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New and Featured Ingredients:
Virgin Carrot Seed Oil

Praan Naturals Virgin Carrot Seed Oil is a true, 100% pure cold pressed oil. Abundant in the essential fatty acid Linoleic Acid, Virgin Carrot Seed Oil is a primarily polyunsaturated lipid that is heralded for its ability to nourish and soothe dry and cracked skin. It also supports maturing skin and helps minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. In hair care formulations, it is well suited for use in conditioning the scalp and hair.

Siberian Fir CO2 Subcritical Extract

Original Monoi de Tahiti Oil (10 Flowers)

Ultra Monoi de Tahiti Oil (200 Flowers)

Monoi de Tahiti Oil with Citrus Plumeria Plant-Based Fragrance

Monoi de Tahiti Oil with Polynesian Garden Plant-Based Fragrance

100% pure and authentic, Praan Naturals' exquisite range of superior quality Monoi de Tahiti Oils consist of beautifully aromatic, exotic French Polynesian oils that are produced using the same strict, traditional methods that have been utilized for over a thousand years.

Radish Root Ferment

Praan Naturals is pleased to launch its new range of Plant-Based-Fragrance Oils. They are an aromatic achievement in fragrance artistry and are masterfully created using only plant-based ingredients such as pure essential oils, absolutes, extracts and aromatic isolates derived solely from natural botanical sources. Praan Naturals' Plant-Based Fragrance Oil collection features an extraordinary range of exquisitely complex, sublime aromas. Plant-Based Fragrance Oils are well suited for use in clean beauty and personal care applications where cost-effective fragrance is required without the use of synthetic components.

Additional Featured Ingredients:

May the beauty of our planet be reflected in our choices...

With over 25 years of expertise, Praan Naturals is a key supplier of premium quality certified organic and conventional bulk ingredients for use in the production of beauty, cosmetic, fragrance, spa, soapmaking, personal care and wellness product formulation.

When you select Praan Naturals as your ingredient supplier, you're elevating your products with trusted ingredients and are contributing to the eco-friendly sourcing practices that we've been developing since 1997.

Meaning vital life force, we selected the Sanskrit word Praan to celebrate our recognition of the interconnectedness of all that is and our passion for natural botanicals and their healing influence within every element of our lives. Our name conveys our personality, and it also honors our evolving commitment towards ecologically sound and sustainable business practices.

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